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New Recording Studio with Grand Piano in London and Essex

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Hello! Welcome to the Off the Wall Studios Website. My name is Ross and I am the founder, owner and chief engineer of this new recording studio with a grand piano in the live room. I wanted to explain a little bit about the studios in more detail and where better than a blog post to do so.

Off the Wall studios obviously derives its self name from my name, but thats not the only interesting thing about it! The key thing and unique selling point of this recording studio with a grand piano, is that its aimed at those musicians and clients who want to easily record a good quality live promotional video.

The live room boasts high end video lighting such as Fresnels and LED's as well as a subtle classy black background to create a neat and tidy room so that the videos can shine and stand out. The image below is a screen grab from a recent video so that you can see the quality and look that can be achieved.

As well as the classy decor, the live room of the recording studio contains a state of the art grand piano. The brand new Yamaha GBK1 piano will not only look amazing in your videos, but will also sound amazing. With the lighting all preset, the instruments ready to roll, your video can be created in no time at all. I always encourage clients and musicians to be well prepared so that when they come into the studio, everything can run smoothly and usually we can churn out the videos in under an hour or two!

A recording studio with a grand piano in London and Essex is not a common occurrence. Those that do have this facility, usually have extortionate price rates. Here at Off the Wall Studios, i wanted to create a rate that is reasonable and suitable for the type of video that we will produce. For a general price list - dont forget to check the link here.

Other recording studios with grand pianos in Essex and London probably also don't boast the classy background, sound treated room, and professional quality lighting that Off the Wall Studios can offer. This in mind, it is the perfect place to record your small combo piano based promotional content. Some of the things that you will find Off the Wall studio suitable for are:

  • Piano and Vocal Duo

  • Solo Piano

  • Solo Piano and Vocalist

  • Piano and Saxophone

  • Piano and Violin

  • Piano, Bass and Sax

  • Piano, Bass and Vocals,

  • Piano and Guitar

If its not a video you are after, you can also make use of the recording studio with a grand piano to record the ideal audio for any of the above lineups too. Whilst we are no Abbey Road Studios, we have professional grade equipment including state of the art Neumann and SE electronic Microphones, coupled with Focusrite Clarett Preamps in order to obtain the highest quality digital audio.

Check out our example video page and also the example below to see one example of what can be achieved from our new recording studio with grand piano in London and Essex.

Get in touch today at in order to obtain more information.

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