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New East London Recording Studio

East London. So much to do in his bustling suburb of London. From coffee shops, to Brick Lane Curry's to cool rooftop bars, the list is endless. Sometimes, a phrase can create a picture in your mind, and East London does just that. With its multicultural vibe and endless places to enjoy arts and music it really has a great reputation as one of London's most hip and cool places. Graffiti artists hustling their trade and cobbled bricks really give East London an eclectic look.

East London Recording Studio
East London

That aside, East London is of course home to the amazing olympic development. There is so much to love about this area of the city and with easy access to such a beautiful place, this makes Off the Wall studios an ideal location to set up shop. A stones throw away from the area, the East London recording studio is an ideal place to come for those wanting to write music, or record their live promotional content. With the Off the Wall Live room the perfect set up for writing music, it comes as no surprise that people come here to do just that.

Off the Wall studios is also suitable for people wishing to record live video promotional content and music in the East London area.. Enter the fray Ela! Ela is a piano/vocalist who works at the Piano Works Bars around London. She is one of their main piano/vocalists and works there 5 times a week. Ela needed to record some promotional content to send to her private enquiries that she received and being based in the East London area she saw Off the Wall Recording Studio as the perfect place to update her promo. See a still from Ela performing below!

East London Recording Studio Off the Wall Studios
Singer Pianist, Ela in the Off the Wall Recording Studio

Here at Off the Wall Studios - we can achieve most lineups that are grand piano based. The reason we use the grand piano is that it adds a touch of class to any video! For Ela it makes a big difference as alot of her work is based around a piano. This promo video allowed clients to see Ela in a live performance situation which is exactly what is needed to display her talents.

Off the Wall is in a great location , close to East London and easily accessible from most parts of the capital! Get in touch today, to see how Off the Wall Studios can help you in your quest to create some excellent new live promotional material.

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