What the Clients Say

Don't just take our word for it.  Off the Wall Studios encourages all types of musicians and artists to use its studio.  Most clients use it to record promotional content and some of them have been kind enough to make some short clips giving their opinion and experiences of using the studios. 


Our contacts within the industry and excellent London based location means we get exceptional musicians passing through.  You can click on the videos below to see what they have to say! 

Brendan Mills

Brendan Mills is an award winning saxophonist, DJ and producer. Brendan is someone who always updates his content and keeps it fresh and different.  His videos always have a suave and sophisticated look so that he can target high end clients and provide them with live, accurate examples of himself playing with all kinds of line ups of musicians.  His latest offering was recording a piano and saxophone duo in the Off the Wall Studios. Check back soon for updates on these videos and where you can see them.  

Natalie Palmer

Natalie Palmer is one of the most sensational vocalists in the United Kingdom. Her warm, soulful tone wraps around every genre with tasteful ease and she sings with an energy that engages the listener from the first moment.  Her recent time in the Off the Wall studio saw her record some new Promo for her Piano and Vocal duo.  Natalie's high end clients demand a certain quality of video and she found Off the Wall studio suited her needs the best.  Click to hear what she has to say on her experience at this London recording studio.