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Off the Wall Studios

Grand Piano Recording Studios

Off the Wall Studios is a new recording studio based in London and Essex boasting a state of the art Yamaha Grand Piano. Set up for both filming and recording, it's the ideal venue to record your small group promotional content. Speak with us today to see how we can make your musical dreams a reality.

About the Studio

The Off the Wall Studio is owned by London based pianist and keyboard player, Ross Wall.  Understanding the need for high quality promotional material in the modern day, Ross decided to build a recording studio which fulfilled the purpose of just that.  The Off the Wall studios contains a live room which has many great features.  Firstly, the room has been sound treated and decorated with a black background in order to create a visibly eye catching look. Coupled with this, it contains a state of the art Yamaha Baby Grand Piano, which not only sounds great, but will add a touch of class to the way your video looks.  The Live room also boasts Fresnels and LED lights which are ideal for video lighting and can help to transform your video into a high quality product.  

Off the Wall studios which is easily accessible from both London and Essex, also contains a control room, which runs Logic X and uses a FocusRite Clarett 8 PreX in order to obtain high quality audio recording.  There are a varied array of microphones including brands such as Neumann, SE and Rhode.  



Off the Wall studios is a great place to record your live demos and promo.  It is suitable for those on a budget who want to enjoy the beauty of recording live piano and or small combination groups containing live piano.  As well as recording, the studio is perfectly set up in order to record video at the same time as audio, with subtle, classy lighting and decor, you can record your promo video in no time at all. You have the option to record and film at the same time, or you can record the audio first and mime to the audio.



Off the Wall Studios is perfectly set up in order to film live video whilst you play.  We have our own house videographer who we can book for you, or you are more than welcome to bring in someone of your own choice.  There are suitable lights include Fresnels and LED lights which help to create a classy look and high end product.  

Don't forget to check out our example video. This was recorded as a piano and vocal duo Featuring Ross and Tess.

Location and Access

Off the Wall studios is easily accessible from London and Essex and is based in Collier Row, Essex.  Easy links to M25 and nearby Fairlop Tube Station on the Central Line.

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